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Worried about Coronavirus?  You’re not alone


  The uncertainty caused by the global pandemic has seen a huge surge in people’s stress levels


Here at Headnosis we think we can help 


We are experts at helping people reduce stress levels, quickly. Our safe digital hypnotherapy programmes have been proven to reduce stress & anxiety in a number of situations 

Get started now and get your free 30 minute hypnotherapy session to help you deal better with the coronavirus situation. You should start to feel better very soon


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If you think it might help your family, friends or colleagues please feel free to share.

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headnosis  for  work 


coming mid-2020


 fast, transformative,  24/7 stress and performance programme for your business


✓ helps people get on top of stress before the balance tips into something more serious

✓ helps to prevent burnout in three sessions 

✓ wellbeing programme with proven and relaxing hypnotherapy at its core 


✓ easy to use diagnostic tool to assess the harmful stress levels in your organisation

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what  users  have  said

‘Never have I needed something like this so much and I really can't quite believe how positive and calm I feel’

"A great way to switch off and relax and get that 30 minute subconscious pep talk that we all need"

"I have greater belief in my decisions and felt more positive and confident"