about  us

Headnosis is a transformative,  stress reduction and performance enhancement programme for businesses. 

We use safe, ethical hypnotherapy techniques to influence unwanted behaviour at an unconscious level, helping to create rapid transformation. Our programme has been refined over 18 years and thousands and thousands of hours of client contact.  Our research has been backed by neuroscience and is more rapid in its impact than meditation.


Symptoms of stress often occur when the conscious mind is overloaded with no time to process rationally. The Headnosis programme will help remove unnecessary sources of stress, helping people process better and quicker and thus reducing the impact of stress and increasing a greater sense of wellbeing.

We will be launching in mid 2020 with six programmes to alleviate the most common causes of workplace stress and ill health. Our programmes, which have been refined, researched and delivered successfully to thousands of clients over the past 18 years, will be available to your employees 24/7. 

If you would like to receive more information about the Headnosis programmes and how it can benefit your company please contact us.     

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